Your Faith Journey

What's Next Now That You Are A Christian

When people attend church, they may come for a number of different reasons, but almost all who come say they want to grow in their faith and serve the Lord. The problem becomes that people are often unaware of how to do that. Church can be a very confusing place. We ask: “Where do we go?”, “How do we do that?”, “Why do we do that?”, “What’s next?” and so forth. Here at Francis, we want to erase the confusion, and replace it with comfort. Thus, we take your spiritual growth and time here seriously. That is why we offer the classes outlined below. We are intentional about helping you grow in your faith. These classes will answer questions, give you direction, and motivate you to live for the Lord.


This is something our Pastor is very passionate about. He does not want anyone to become frustrated with his or her spiritual growth or to feel abandoned as he/she is trying to grow in his or her faith. That is why he wrote and designed the material used for these classes. They are something unique to Francis Baptist Church and were written with you in mind. If you feel stuck in your faith journey, consider taking the first of these “Faith Journey” classes.


If you are interested in taking any of these classes, there are three ways to join: 1) Fill out the blue card located in the seatback in front of you during worship service, and turn it in to the greeter desk. 2) Call or message the office, and they will enroll you. 3) Show up on Sunday morning before 9:45 am, and our information desk will guide you to the correct class.

Your Next Step

STEP ONE: Discover Francis

This is the first step in your journey here at Francis. “Discover Francis’’ is a one Sunday class (9:45 a.m.-10:45 a.m.) that discusses what it means to be a member here at Francis Baptist Church. When someone joins a church, the first question he/she has is, “Now what?” The aim of this class is to answer that question and help you take steps in your faith journey. The result of this class will not only help you understand what it means to be a member here, but it will also help you plug-in to a small group if you desire. So, who can, or should, go to this class? Anyone who thinks they may want to join the church, anyone who has recently joined the church, or anyone who would like a reminder of what it means to be a member here.

STEP TWO: Discover Your Place

The next class in your journey is “Discover Your Place”. Most people do not come to church simply to sit back and watch everything happen. They want to help in some way. The problem is they do not know how to get involved, where to serve, and what will be expected of them in a volunteer role. This class is a two Sunday class (9:45 a.m.-10:45 a.m.) designed to help you discover where you can be connected with one of our ministry teams. The goal of this class is not just to place you on any ministry team. It is our goal to help you discover your spiritual gifting and personal passions to then place you in a ministry that best fits your calling. After taking the class, we will pass your information to the ministry team that you desire to serve on, and they will contact you the following week. 

Step 3: Discover How to Develop Healthy Spiritual Habits

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STEP FOUR: Discover What We Believe

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STEP FIVE: Discover How to Live Missionally

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STEP SIX: Discover Your Leadership Potential

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