Worship Pastor Search


Lead All Worship Services. This includes planning of song selections, preparing the PowerPoint presentation, practicing with choir and praise team, involving members in special music, and organizing the order of worship.

Sunday Morning 8:15: It is a blended service. We desire this service to have an even mix of traditional worship songs and modern worship songs. There is also a choir during this service to lead as well.

Sunday Morning 11:00: It is a modern worship service. This service is geared towards todays most current praise and worship songs. There is a praise band to lead during this service.

Sunday Evening and Wednesday Evening: They are also blended without the assistance of a choir. Wednesday night is our weekly prayer service, and Sunday evening includes our weekly testimony service. While right now neither is being used during these services, the choir and praise band could be utilized during these times.

Special Talent: Helping build the praise team, the choir, and finding members that can use their God given talent during our worship services.
Special Events: The planning and organizing of all our special services will be done in conjunction with the Worship Pastor; Christmas, Easter, and other events where the church’s worship teams can use their gifts to exalt our Lord and lead the church to exalt our Lord.
Assist Other Ministries: We have other ministries such as Celebrate Recovery and a Tuesday night College Worship Service. The goal would be for this leader to help find and prepare members of the church to help lead worship in these areas of ministry as it involves worship.
Technical Support: Knowledge of lights, PowerPoint (or other presentation software), and sound booth is a must.  The worship pastor will need to continue to build a team that can help support in these areas. The worship pastor will oversee the setting up and taking down of our worship area.

-A bonus would be a Pastor that is capable and willing to use video software. In a media age, this will greatly help us proclaim the Gospel.


Ministry Profile:

Team Player: This person needs to work well with the Pastor and other staff. There are weekly staff meetings that will need to be attended, and the Worship Pastor will need to be willing to work within the vision and direction of the church.The Worship Pastor will also need to build healthy worship teams (Choir and Praise Band).

Congregational Worship: This Pastor will most likely have amazing talent with them in the pulpit as they lead worship. However, this pastor will need to make congregation involvement in worship a priority. He must lead out to encourage others to worship with the worship teams.

Evangelism: We highlight the mission that God has given the church. Whether you are in Children’s Ministry, the Worship Pastor, or the Senior Pastor, the goal with all areas of ministry is to help others find Jesus. Worship services should be planned with winning the lost to Christ in mind, and this Pastor will need to be involved in the outreach and mission involvements of the church. It is also very important that all Francis staff are involved in personal evangelism.

Spiritual Maturity: This needs to be a person that invests time in their own spiritual growth through Bible study, prayer, giving, sharing their faith, serving others, and fellowship. This person should also have strong interpersonal relationship skills. They should not be prone to arguments, disputes, divisions, and anger. They should excel at reconciliation, patience, and peace making.

Discipleship: This person should be someone that prays, studies their Bible regularly, gives, serves others, and attempts to win the lost to Christ. In doing so, they should be helping others grow in their walk and live faithfully for our Lord.

Family Person: The ministry can be very demanding, and if we are not careful, we can lose our family while trying to build a successful ministry. The Worship Pastor needs to be a person who promotes family time and making their family their first ministry.


If interested please email WorshipPastor@francisbaptistchurch.org .

Please include your resume and a sample (link) of you leading worship.