Our Mission

Worship God, Grow in our Faith, Serve Our Community

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Worship God

Our primary mission is to worship our Savior. Worship begins with knowing that Jesus is the only means by which we can be saved. It is also our goal to provide a place and opportunities for believers to worship, pray, give, serve, and respond to the teaching of God's Word. At Francis Baptist Church, anyone is welcome to attend any of our services, and there are a variety of opportunities for you to be involved in the work and ministry here. Not only do we have worship for adults, but we also have worship services aimed to engage our children and youth with Jesus Christ. Make plans to join us soon!

Grow In Our Faith

We take every person's spiritual growth very serious. At Francis Baptist Church, we provide classes every Sunday morning where everyone can grow in their faith. Whether you are a child, youth, or an adult, we have a class for you. Also, our Pastor is dedicated to preaching the Bible in a way that explains the passage of Scripture and how it still applies to our lives today. Church isn't simply a place where children learn Bible stories. It is a place where our lives are continually transformed through learning the Scriptures.


Serving Our Communities

Some people can only make it to worship, but we hope to help encourage them to grow in their faith. Others will make it to worship and small groups, but never make it to our final mission--service. Yes, we want people to worship the greatness of our Savior, we want people to dig into His Word and discover its truth, and we also want people to share the love they have experienced from God with others. At Francis Baptist Church, we try to provide opportunities for people to serve those outside the church as well. We believe God doesn't just ask us to go to church, but that He commands us to be the church. Join us as we try to make a difference in Palatka, the United States, and this world.