What To Expect

Expect to Find a Parking Spot.


Guest Parking is located in the front parking lot of our campus between the Family Life Center and Children’s Wing.  Guest parking signs are posted for your convenience.  There will also be a parking attendant to help guide you if needed. Additional parking is located across the road from our Family Lifer Center and a police officer comes out for the 11am service to help families cross the road. There is also parking on the far side of our Family Life Center and on the left side of our chapel area.

Expect to Be Welcomed.


We will never embarrass you. Our worship leaders will never ask you to stand up or raise your hand during your visit here in order to identify you as a guest. However, you can expect someone to greet you during your visit. Our Greeters will greet you with a smile and will direct you to our welcome center where they will help you fill out one of our connection cards and offer assistance with any questions you may have. There is also coffee right before Sunday School, near our welcome desk for anyone that would like a cup. It is our desire that if you choose to visit Francis Baptist Church that you know that we are glad you came!

Expect to Hear From God.


Our goal is not only for you to feel welcomed, but for you to hear from God during the service. Our Pastor is a passionate preacher that enjoys preaching. He explains the Scriptures with clarity and how they still apply to our lives today. You can expect our Pastor to preach through books of the Bible, explain difficult concepts, share how the text is still relevant, and show how we can live faithfully for our Lord. We believe that God transforms our lives through hearing and responding to the Scriptures.

Expect Exciting Worship.


We serve an amazing God who is worthy of praise. We strive to reflect the joy God has placed in our lives through our worship. There are times of prayer and times of worship through song. The songs used in our worship services are intended to be vibrant, celebration oriented, and joyful. You will find a worship team that is excited to lead our church in praise, a church that sings along with our worship team, and people who are spiritually moved through worship. At Francis, we have two morning worship services for you to consider.

Expect No Dress Code.


Some wear jeans and a t-shirt, some wear slacks and a polo, and others may choose to dress more formally in a suit or dress. Whatever your style is, you will be welcomed and not judged on what you wear. We are a church that believes church is for all people from all different walks of life. So come as you are, and worship our Lord with us.

Expect Children to Be Welcomed.


While we have worship services geared to engage adults with a loving Savior, we also have services for children geared to engage them with that same Savior. During our scheduled worship times, we also have children’s services. We have a nursery for our babies and toddlers, and we have children’s church for our kids pre-k through fifth grade. Your children are more than welcome to come and worship with you in the main worship service as well, but if you want them to participate in the children’s worship services planned just for them, they are available to you. You can expect our children’s department to be safe, fun, and Jesus centered. Your children will ask to come back.

Expect Imperfect People.


That’s right: We know we are not perfect, but we do serve a perfect Savior. We do not think we are better or more important than anyone else. We are a group of people who know we have flaws and have made mistakes, but we serve a Savior that loves us despite our shortcomings (Romans 5:8). You can expect to hear the Gospel (how we can be saved through Christ alone) preached every Sunday.

Expect to Grow Spiritually.


We take spiritual growth seriously. You will find discipleship classes designed to help you grow in your walk with Christ. There are also Sunday School classes that help teach Scripture and connect you with other believers. We assign all members to a deacon as well. That deacon’s task is to encourage and minister to every family under his care. You will also find places to get involved and serve. We believe everyone has a purpose, and we try to provide ways for everyone to get involved serving our God, church, and community.

Expect to See Members Giving.


During all our Sunday worship services, there will be a time of giving. We believe in practicing Biblical financial stewardship. While members freely give back a portion of what the Lord has blessed them with, we do not expect our guests to feel obligated or pressured to give. Instead, we would rather you fill out and turn in the blue connection card to the offering plate or at the welcome desk. You presence here is what we consider valuable, and we have prepared a gift for all first time guests.

Expect to Meet the Pastor If You Would Like.


At the end of our service, we invite all guests to go to our guest room for a snack and a short time to meet the Pastor and the staff. You will not be expected or obligated to do this. However, if you would like, he will be available. He wants everyone to know that he and the staff are available and approachable. Afterward, anyone who would like a tour of our church campus can receive one from one of our greeters. We want you to feel comfortable visiting Francis Baptist in the future.