college and career

You are the salt of the earth.

Matthew 5:13

Not really a youth anymore and still don't feel like an adult? We have a place for you!
SALT College and Career is for young people discovering their place in the world
whether it is in the college classroom or in the workplace. Both places require the support of Christian friends!
SALT meets every Sunday and Wednesday as well as having special outings throughout the year
to keep you plugged into God's Word and God's Church. 

Weekly Schedule

Sunday at 9:15

Meeting upstairs in the FLC,
this is our Sunday Morning Small Group Study.
There's always donuts and a good time in God's Word!

Wednesday at 6:15

Our mid-week time of fellowship is meant to
encourage, strengthen and equip you to get through the week! See you upstairs in the FLC at 6:15!